Ever wanted the opportunity to run your own Wedding Boutique Business?. With Heavens Above ~ this is a breeze. From the Planning , store stock, destination weddings, honeymoon reservations & more! There are no limits to your success!

If you can dream it ~ you can achieve it!

An opportunity to become a Licensee of the ‘Heavens Above’ Brand. Our Brand is young, fresh & vibrant. The opportunities offered are unlimited & best of all ~ there are no monthly ‘Royalty’ fees to pay! 🙂

Training & set up is included in the package regardless of the starting option you’ve chosen. Each individual option is tailor made to suit you& your lifestyle.

For our Bridal Boutique option, our new ‘earl Spring Season wedding gowns & prom/graduation dresses have been launched. This is extremely exciting indeed as the timing is perfect for both! 🙂 Added to the fact that I’ve re-structured the starting/entry options available for this opportunity. 🙂 These are as follows:

Basic Planning & Consulting = £977-00

This option includes the complete Admin set up Package ~ your foundation for your Admin portal will be set up for you to accept bookings for appointments online as well as to accept payments directly into your own banking account. You will also receive comprehensive hands on Training as well as a comprehensive Operating/Training Manual which you will not be able to do without.  Besides the business cards & car magnets, you will receive an e-commerce website for your own area. Accompanying all this, you will receive a Windows Tablet for you to take down all the important information about your bridal couple, as well as to keep tabs on your busy appointment schedule! 🙂

Basic Boutique – Planning & Consulting = £3977-00

This option includes all of the above , as with the  Basic Planning/Consulting option, PLUS: 8x Wedding gowns of your choice – these can be substituted for prom/graduation dance, bridesmaid, flower girl etc if preferred, as well as 1 pair of Bridal shoes ~ we have a wonderful range to choose from PLUS 100 chair covers & bows/sashes. This is an amazing option to start off with if you’re keen on the Boutique & easily adaptable for growth & expansion which is inevitable! 🙂


Midi Boutique – Planning & Consulting = £6977-00

This option includes all of the above as with the Basic Planning/Consulting option, PLUS: 18 Wedding gowns of your choice – substituted if preferred – 6 pairs of Bridal shoes, 18 veils, 18 wedding dress covers (to keep your dresses clean & protected), 100 chair covers & bows/sashes. Before you know it, you’ll be expanding beyond your wildest dreams! 🙂


Premium Boutique – Planning/Consulting = £11777-00

This is the ultimate Boutique starter option, which includes all of the above, as with the Basic Planning/Consulting option, PLUS: 27 Wedding gowns of your choice – substituted if preferred – 12 pairs of Bridal shoes, 27 veils, 27 Wedding dress covers, 157 chair covers/bows. The stock that you receive will complete your Boutique with a good selection & more than enough to get you moving onto your next level growing forward! 🙂


There are no limits with regards your accessories that you choose to stock in your Boutique. You are not bound to reaching any sales targets nor are you bound to paying over any monthly Royalties to Heavens Above. The only monthly payment would be for your Admin Fee of  £77-00, to cover your website hosting, maintenance, Training updates etc. What you earn is yours to keep ~ you deserve it! 🙂


Destination Wedding Planning



We offer our ‘bespoke’ Groom proposal Service with packages to suit each need!


We would be delighted to welcome you into the Heavens Above family!




Please fill out the contact form below & Heavens Above will tailor-make a package to suit you!

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  1. Ntsiki
    September 15, 2016 at 9:09 am (2 years ago)

    i love this business idea…i wish it will work for South Africa…


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