Bride's bouquet and other wedding details in pink and purple
Heaven’s Above was born of a need to provide spiritual, material and emotional services to couples that seek to establish a solid foundation based on romantic love and loyalty. The company’s diverse services set it apart; we recognise the need for matrimony to be nourished on all levels and developed a myriad of options for couples to strengthen.

From bridal attire to dress sales to planning your wedding, our boutique is a one-stop shop that walks with you from the start of your matrimonial journey to the altar. We ensure you receive an efficient, client centred consulting experience that works with your original ideas, our guidance and manifesting the best options through this process.

While becoming a married couple seems to be the finish line, we recognise your bond can gain deeper, qualitative connection when engaged in consistent communication and reflection. This is where we offer our unique soul consultation. With a guide, you and your partner can work to remove any spiritual barriers preventing a more fulfilling life experience together. Consultations assist in reinforcing your awareness of your purpose on earth individually and as a united, romantic team.

Work with us and receive a thorough, empathic service that will take your wedding experience and marriage bond to its height.